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Experts explain the boiler and radiator installation notesData:2014-11-26

Heating engineering is divided into a period of construction and construction period two, we already talked about related knowledge during construction, this period mainly for you about two of the construction period, construction period two is the main equipment installation, including boiler, storage tank, the indoor radiator installation etc., that they which matters needing attention in installation when?

The boiler when installed, there is a strict requirement, the boiler is typically connected to water storage tank, the water storage tank can be used for domestic hot water. At installation time, discharge pipe is very important, because when the storage system when the system pressure is too large, the water will flow out along the discharge pipeline, to ensure the safety of the system.

In the early construction of the radiator installation needs for the branch, at the same time, the spacing is very exquisite, different materials required distance is different. Hanging bracket and put the radiator, radiator thermostatic valve is connected at one end, the other end is the exhaust valve. In the installation of hook, the end is slightly higher than that of the exhaust valve thermostatic valve, but the height is not visible to the naked eye, the gap between the very slight.

At the same time the radiator in installation position selection is also required, generally close to the window door, if the window can be placed on the windowsill. Because the cold air is generally from door window came in, and the installation of radiators can just from these cold air.