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Ventilation and air treatment equipment protection measuresData:2014-11-27

Ventilation and air conditioning air treatment equipment installation construction protection measures:

1. The equipment shall be carried and in accordance with the technical requirements of the product disassembly packaging, is strictly prohibited hand volute impeller or moving equipment, is forbidden to beat, collision equipment, parts and weld appearance.

2. Should take against rain, snow, moisture-proof measures equipment shipped to the site, the safekeeping.

3. Equipment installation in place, should be taken to prevent equipment damage, pollution, loss and other measures.

4. Interface equipment, instrument, the operation panel should adopt closed, dressing and other protective measures.

5. After the installation of the equipment should not be the fulcrum as scaffolding stress.

6. The exposed parts of transmission device should be protective cover; the air inlet or intake pipe through the atmosphere, should be taken with a protective net or other security measures.

7. The filter net, filter paper filter material filter should be stored separately, dust cleaning system after installation, debugging.