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The new law of environmental protection to promote the air-conditioning industry developmentData:2014-11-27

China's current environmental law is enacted in 1989 release, so far has been implemented for 25 years. For the new environmental protection method for the first time overhaul, high social evaluation. This was considered that is the environmental protection law, the history of the most stringent it is reported that the new environmental law only retain the integrity of the original law provisions of article two, the remaining 45 terms made changes. In addition, the new 23 law. Test on the enterprise, is the supervision department, the new environmental protection law to the environmental administration also raised new challenges and new requirements, environmental protection departments need to improve law enforcement capacity, at the same time, but also strengthen the system reserve.

China environmental quality "is not optimistic". According to statistics, last year the 12 month, Chinese nearly half the country emerged in varying degrees of fog and haze. Haze, PM2.5 has gradually become a new noun people heat of nearly two years of debate. In addition to air quality, water, soil, city of acoustic environment, radiation environment, forests and grasslands and other issues Chinese is also very serious. In fact, the consensus of the community is the construction of ecological civilization has. Environment is the basis of human survival, with the rule of law and rule of law thinking mode to promote environmental reform, will be faster and more effective to accelerate the green reform, improve our living environment.

The newly revised "environmental protection law" will be next year implementation, in the eighteen session of the fourth plenary session description rule of a blueprint for China, it is not only the law of righteousness, is also a good opportunity for the use of the rule of law to promote the construction of ecological civilization. The need for all the support and a high degree of unity. In the central air conditioning industry, in the production process, to avoid the pollution of the environment; on the technology, on product emissions requirements will be more stringent, alternative to accelerate the new refrigerant. In addition, the degree of dependence for efficient, energy saving and environmental protection products will also be greatly enhanced, is conducive to promoting the development of the whole industry technology and raising the level of market faster.