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How to break through the tight encirclement of domestic refrigerant patent?Data:2014-11-28

Now, air conditioning has become an indispensable part of our daily life in the air conditioning refrigeration role play, cannot do without the support of refrigerant. Foreign enterprises for the refrigerant R & D started earlier, in the field of patent applications not only the number of dominant, and are the core technology in the field. In the domestic enterprises, the number of patent applications although many, but most patent applications are concentrated in the old generation product, and rarely in the foreign filing of a patent application, have the production capacity so that the majority of enterprises, it is difficult to export products, easy to become foreign enterprises OEM factory. How to break through the foreign enterprises patent "encirclement", become a difficult problem in domestic fluorine chemical enterprise to solve.

An HFO-1234yf refrigerant USA enterprise R & D has been put into market application, it GWP not only is particularly low, also do not deplete the ozone layer. From a long-term perspective, which are likely to lead the trend of the fourth generation of refrigerant, and occupy the dominant position of the market. In the aspect of the development of the HFO-1234yf, Honeywell, DuPont, Daikin, Akima mastered the core technology in this field, the total amount of patent applications accounted for more than half of the global total amount of patent applications in the field of. Chinese enterprises in the field of patent applications submitted only 38, not to the global total application amount of 5%, the number of patent application on the obvious disadvantage, the United States, Japan enterprises with the larger gap.

Refrigerant refrigerant is a key technology in this field, Honeywell, DuPont and Akma have mastered most of the technical HFO-1234yf refrigerants, and submit a large number of patent application, patent application amount for every business to occupy the total amount of patent application 20%. Domestic applicants in the field of the patent application quantity is less, only accounts for the total amount of 8% patent application, patent application amount more only Jimei University and Dongyue group.

The face of foreign enterprises patent encirclement, domestic enterprises should be how to break through?

First of all, the domestic enterprises should realize the transformation and upgrading as soon as possible, concentrate on the research and development of downstream products. At present, most of China's fluorine chemical enterprises are concentrated in the low-end products to high-end production, downstream products R & D less, with a large number of enterprises into the low-end product market, product margins and enterprises operating rate of serious decline, enterprise survival condition is worrying. In contrast to many fluorine chemical enterprises, they have already put the research emphasis on high-end downstream products, technology intensive products accounted for high proportion type in all of its products, so that they can quickly development. Therefore, China's enterprises must accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of enterprises, increase investment in research and development of high-end downstream products as soon as possible to change the status quo, low-end products dominated, realizing the transformation and upgrading.

Second, domestic enterprises should strengthen the cooperation with universities, integrate the advantage resources, advanced technology development. At present, the quantity of patent application in universities occupy a significant portion of the total application amount of fluorine chemical industry, is the main force in the fluorine chemical industry R & D in China, but its are based on their own research and development oriented, rarely in cooperation with enterprises, R & D funds less. And the technological level of the enterprise is relatively low, with R & D needs no R & D strength. Therefore, universities and enterprises can integrate the advantages of both resources, the formation of complementary advantages, promote the rapid development of.

Third, the domestic enterprises should formulate patent protection strategy, strengthening international patent layout. Patent protection strategy is not only the filing of a patent application, consider what techniques need to be protected by patent, and when submitted a patent application. In view of this, the domestic enterprise must set up a special department for patent protection, strategy research. At the same time, along with our country enterprise before other countries started mass production and sale of fluorine chemical products, must pay attention to the foreign patent layout, resolutely implement the "patent first" strategy, to avoid the patent infringement.