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The market prospect of our good refrigeration accessoriesData:2014-12-02

In recent years, China's valve industry development is swift and violent, affected by raw materials and labor costs and other factors. Products export and market share continued to expand, and gradually become an important production base of industry and the main product sales market. China's many control valve factory enterprises, small scale, lack of core competitiveness, and the low concentration of enterprises, it is difficult to have influence in the international market, to a large extent restricted the healthy development of the valve industry.

Product technology becomes an important factor of restricting the development of our valve products

Although the rapid development of township enterprises, but because of the low starting point of township enterprises, technical force is very weak, poorly equipped, most products are produced to imitate, especially with the low pressure valve to the water problem is serious but the problem does not affect the valve industry in China has broad prospects.

This is mainly due to the strong demand for the support of national policy and valve products in the market, especially the number of century of West to east gas pipeline project, power transmission from west to East, South to North Water Diversion Project and started the project requires a large number of products supporting the valve. Low profits last year of China's valve industry import and export volume reached US $24100000000, an increase of 28.2%. of which exports $22400000000, an increase of 29.3%; imports amounted to $20134000000, a year-on-year increase of 27%. as the world economy pick up, import and export of China valve products also increased, but because compared with foreign manufacturers the high-end technology still has a large gap, the next period of time, product technology will become a bottleneck restricting the development of our valve products.

Electric valve market prospects of China Refrigeration parts worth looking forward to

Until recently, China valve manufacturer is limited to some smaller profits target markets, such as Ethiopia, Sultan, Iran, Iraq and parts of the Southeast Asian market. The small size of the market, the decision-making process is completely depends on the price, the profit space is limited.

China imported valve manufacturers must pay attention to such an undeniable fact: if you want to survive in the future, they must improve the previous downturn performance, access to large manufacturing export earnings. The main reason of much current export earnings in China's domestic market appear a large number of business opportunities, and China's imports valve manufacturing equipment quality is not enough to be sold to overseas.

Four the large gap between the electric valve Market

At present, the gap with foreign valve industry valve industry in China is obvious, there are mainly four comprehensive gap: the technology innovation ability difference; two is the processing technology gap; three is the quality management and equipment gap; four is the process management of the gap. This also allows us to see their own shortcomings, in order to find the essential differences and problems, so as to improve and enhance the.

Electric valve market prospects of China refrigeration fittings can be expected

Industry sources said, valves in industrial processes, the most used to control the road and the flow of various fluids such as water, oil, chemical liquid, etc., based on the parameters of temperature, pressure and flow. The plant commonly used control valves have valve, pneumatic fixed temperature valve, solenoid valve fixed temperature system, proportional control valve constant temperature system, temperature control valves and other types. In the selection of various types of automatic valve, should consider the type of heat engine, the required accuracy, control valve quality, pressure drop, flow and structure, the failure rate, credit and manufacturers after sale service and other factors, to achieve economic and practical purposes.

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