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I do not choose to be a common person, I have the right to become an unusual man.

I look for opportunities, but not for stimulation; I don't want nothing in social care, it will be despised and make me feel pain.

I have to do meaningful adventure, I want to dream, I want to create, I have to lose, I have success.

I prefer the challenges of life, rather than the protection of wasted years of life; prefer to achieve its goal of excitement, rather than to a utopian stale calm.

I seek a fair competition, in order to contribute to the social environment; I despise can work without labor and reap without sowing.

I will not use my freedom to make transactions and protect, nor my dignity to do business with alms; I will never in any one of the masters of tremble before, not for any threats.

It is my heritage to stand independent, honest and be fearless.

I bravely face the world, advocating and pursuing: personal success lies in the realization of responsibility, the life value is to assume responsibility.